Monthly Archives: February 2016

Under layout chair

I just finished building an under layout rolling chair. This allows me to roll under the layout to do wiring and make changes to the “L” girder structure. I had been looking for an old style kitchen table chair with the tubular frame, but they don’t seem to exist any more.2016-02-22 chair (2) The chair works well except when I run into things stored on the floor.

Digitrax decoders a problem

Today I returned three Digitrax DH123D decoders that I had bought in January from the Hobby Smith in Portland. After installing them into new engines, I had recently purchased, they would not retain their long address. I coded their long address using my Digitrax Zephyr, unsuccessfully tried to run them and then found that they had changed to a completely different address. Happily (sort of) I was able to take them back to Hobby Smith for a refund. I will now be looking into identifying a more reliable decoder.