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Fascia design

I’m working on designing a 10″ fascia around the layout, with room for turnout control switches with LED lights, and that can be hinged to lay flat for working on the wiring. I’m also wiring in Tortoise switch machines on the main line.

Converting an Athearn PC board

I recently set out to convert an Athearn/Digitrax digital PC board from using light bulbs to powering LEDs. The process involves removing the eight limiting diodes and increasing the two series resistors from 150 to 1K ohms. Since I could find no schematic of the PC board I drew a circuit representation on my CAD program to aid in identifying what circuits to modify. The project has proven to be a great success.

LED lights on DCC conversions

I am currently converting an Atlas Alco C-424 to DCC and have run into a problem with converting the cab and rear light systems into LED’s. You can see the two long plastic light tubes used in the factory setup with one light bulb for both. Since the Soundtraxx MC2 board has separate light controls I want to incorporate two LED’s, but where and how to add them. I will post this question to the internet and take the problem to the experts at our club.