Monthly Archives: March 2016

Track wiring almost complete

Last night at the Willamette Model Railroad club I presented a couple wiring ideas for my layout and received several good suggestions. Today I completed almost all of the track-power wiring and just need to finish soldering a couple connections. This has been the biggest hurdle so far of my rebuilding and it feels great to get it done. Next I will lay down the plywood sub roadbed and start laying track.

Pacific Coast Railroad 1916-1970

I recently discovered in my NPRHA calendar the past existence of the PCR (Pacific Coast Railroad) which shares the initials with my PCRy (Pacific Cascade Railway) and merged into Burlington Northern at the same time, March 3rd 1970, on my railroad history timeline. I have sent an email request to the NPRHA for more information on this line. We may be sister lines. We may even have joint operating rights.