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QSI decoder problems

For the last week I have been fighting with the QSI decoder in my Athern HH660 engine.
I have contacted Athern and the QSI factory in Beaverton, Oregon. At first I thought the wheel wipers in the trucks were not conducting properly but after learning how the wipers work moved on to look at the wiring. When the wiring proved to be OK, I took the engine to the Willamette club and we decided it had to be the decoder. I’m now in contact with the QSI operations manager, Kelly Dorf, who also does repairs on QSI decoders. I did learn there is a QSI user group on Yahoo from which I am getting many suggestions. I’m hoping for the best on this $130 sound decoder.

My new NCE operating system

I finally sold my Digitrax system for a very reasonable price and purchased a new NCE system, including a Power Cab, SB5 command/booster and Cab 06r for radio control. I like the NCE system better and it’s the system used by the Willamette club where I’m a member.

Track wiring almost complete

Last night at the Willamette Model Railroad club I presented a couple wiring ideas for my layout and received several good suggestions. Today I completed almost all of the track-power wiring and just need to finish soldering a couple connections. This has been the biggest hurdle so far of my rebuilding and it feels great to get it done. Next I will lay down the plywood sub roadbed and start laying track.

Digitrax decoders a problem

Today I returned three Digitrax DH123D decoders that I had bought in January from the Hobby Smith in Portland. After installing them into new engines, I had recently purchased, they would not retain their long address. I coded their long address using my Digitrax Zephyr, unsuccessfully tried to run them and then found that they had changed to a completely different address. Happily (sort of) I was able to take them back to Hobby Smith for a refund. I will now be looking into identifying a more reliable decoder.