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Sifting Ballast

Sifting Ballast

After buying a 50 lb bag of Play Sand I have started sifting it into three different sizes fine, medium, and course using two different size screens. I will try using the fine on the mainline tracks, the medium in yards and the course on my fill areas at the ends of the gate-bridge.

Gate Bridge

Finishing the bridge / gate

I have recently gotten active in trying to finish the gate-bridge at the open end of the layout. I had to learn how to cut and shape foam and how to secure ballast on the sides of the fill area on both sides of the bridge. This involved watching a lot of YouTube and Model Railroad Video Plus documents. After a lot of introspection I think I am ready.

Cataloging my Rolling Stock

As a diversion while the paint dries on the new gate at the entrance to the layout, I decided it was time to catalog my storage boxes of acquired rolling stock. This does not include all my engines or passenger cars. I’m finding the process very educational as I did not realize how many duplicates or modern cars I had acquired in the last few years. Since my Pacific Cascade Railway operates in pre-BN merger 1969/1970, anything newer than March 1970 has to go. This includes several newer, beautiful cars I mistakenly acquired. I have two more totes like the one on the left to go. I will have enough car kits to keep me busy for years to come.

Bridge is cut & fitted

The plywood for the bridge is cut and fitted. Now to glue the plywood pieces together and paint everything. I’m thinking about making a rock berm from both sides up to the bridge, much like the berm on the BNSF tracks coming into Vancouver from the west. I will use foam sheets cut into a berm shape.