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New EasyMat roadbed

I purchased a new 10 foot roll of EasyMat, the tile underlayment that I cut & use for roadbed on the layout. In the picture I am using the cutting board I built from instructions in the October 2010 Model Railroader article “Make your own Roadbed”, page 45, by Jim Richards. I much prefer this material rather than using cork for roadbed.

DCC conversion complete?

I installed an 8-pin plug DCC conversion harness and a Digitrax decoder in my new Walthers Milwaukee SW-1 HO switch engine. The engine is now running fine, however I’m not happy with the way I had to fold the wiring harness in order to install the decoder in an open space atop the PC board. I’m now either looking for a shorter DCC harness or cutting and re-soldering the harness wires. Likely a lot of work for a small return. Do they make a shorter harness?