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Layout entry Gate with gauntlet rails

The entrance to my “U” shaped layout will have a swing gate with a railroad bridge and gauntlet track which completes the inside double loop of track meeting at the bridge. I am currently working with three Atlas deck truss kits #84 and bridge piers #81 to make the bridge. The problem is the Atlas kit’s plastic deck above the truss is not wide enough for the gauntlet rails and the plastic guard rails and rail cleats get in the way of two sets of track. I am considering constructing the entire deck from wood which will require a lot of work.

MP1 turnout motors

New MP1 switch motors

Just completed installing two new MP1 switch motors, from, under the almost impossible to reach lower back mainline turnouts. I was able then to run the switch motors from the fascia with indicator LEDs and toggle SPDT switches. Since I have now figured out how I want the turnouts wired, I can move on to easier to reach other main line turnouts.

Switch machine perfected

I have finally perfected a slow motion switch machine after having the timer motors for over 40 years. In a January 1977 Model Railroader article Gordon Odegard wrote about using a timer motor to build a turnout points machine. Later that year I purchased about thirty, 6 rpm, 24 Volt AC timer motors for a dollar each. Only this year have I had a use for them. Using 16 AC volts the motors revolve at a nice three rpm and now switch both the frog points and route indicating LEDs. I can also activate the motor from multiple locations. More pictures to come as I get these installed.

Turnout points motor

Recently I have been working on a wiring harness for a set of clock motors that I purchased several years ago to use as switch point motors. These are 6 rpm, 24 volt AC, industrial size timer motors. Tom, from WMRC, cut out the plastic motor frames and I am working out the wiring and fascia board harness. It’s always fun designing a new part.