My new NCE operating system

I finally sold my Digitrax system for a very reasonable price and purchased a new NCE system, including a Power Cab, SB5 command/booster and Cab 06r for radio control. I like the NCE system better and it’s the system used by the Willamette club where I’m a member.

One thought on “My new NCE operating system

  1. Ken

    Hi, Brigg,

    Saw your post on the nce-dcc yahoo list about “Two USB bus interfaces or one?” and thought I would use your link to visit your rr site.

    I’m still in planning stages and wondered what you find better regarding nce vs Digitrax?

    I’m in a different situation from you, in that I’m going to make my layout compatible with freemo-n standards. That way I could still participate with them while building the final layout using modular pieces. Freemo-n standards call for loco-net (Digitrax) compatible wiring and control.


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