Building my turnouts

I’m learning how to build my own turnouts using a paper template and spiking the ties and rails before soldering. I have to thank “Fast Tracks” for their videos which taught me the basic steps to build a turnout. But, with several different sizes and shapes of turnouts on my layout I could not afford to purchase their metal jigs. With each turnout built I am improving my method and speed. Who knows, some day I may actually get to run a train.

2 thoughts on “Building my turnouts

  1. Paul Omilian

    Capt. Brigg, that’s a great looking frog point!
    What was your method of filing the rails to such a good point?
    Also, a good looking soldering job!

    I’m using the same paper template arrangement to build on as you except most of my turnouts are the standard variety so I use a copy of the FastTrack ones.
    I do buy my track and PC ties from FastTracks as a thank you for their great templates.

    Paul O

    1. Capt.Brigg Post author

      I use a small belt sander to take off the inside of the rail to make a fine point. I then spike the points together on wood ties and solder them to a PC board tie.


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