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Building my turnouts

I’m learning how to build my own turnouts using a paper template and spiking the ties and rails before soldering. I have to thank “Fast Tracks” for their videos which taught me the basic steps to build a turnout. But, with several different sizes and shapes of turnouts on my layout I could not afford to purchase their metal jigs. With each turnout built I am improving my method and speed. Who knows, some day I may actually get to run a train.

Building the Staging yard

I have started building the staging yard and digital programming track for my layout. The fascia board will have on-off switches for each track, so engines on those tracks do not draw power while idling.IMG_20151021_161709_224

The programming track, the closest track, will also be able to be switched to an operations track and will be part of a reversing “Y” in staging. You may notice the full size piece of rail I use as a weight, I won’t be running trains on it.